Into The Pale Abyss


Into The Pale Abyss are back with their second EP! ‘Forbidden Songs’ comes with 5 new original songs to further continue IPA’s submersion into a deep, dark and heavily Techno influenced Electronica expedition, led by two experimental music explorers with over 20 years of collective musical knowledge. Powerful and hypnotic at the same time IPA’s music is all about creating and combining atmosphere with dynamics, condemning the listeners to the blackest depths of their carefully constructed sonic abyss to only pick them up and deliver them back into the pale light over and over again.



Welcoming Canadian duo Into The Pale Abyss (aka IPA) on JST with their debut EP “You Can Never Win”. A fine mix of Dark Electronica and Techno, IPA’s music is as groovy as it is hypnotic and powerful. Make sure to check out these 2 original tracks, grab “You Can Never Win” EP and stay tuned for more…