Mr. Kristopher “Re-Communed” EP

Mr. Kristopher returns on JST with a re-imagined and remixed version of his classic 2017 “Communion” EP!


I Think I Broke Something “Add Spikes On Top” LP

Finnish live Electropunk duo I Think I Broke Something’s long awaited debut LP is finally here!


Assalm “Slay” LP

Parisian artist Assalm is back with his second album, “Slay”. Ten brand new original tracks blending elements of dark Electronica, Techno and Electro.


Gör FLsh “Last Blood” LP

Gör FLsh is back with the second and last single from his upcoming sophomore album “For The Kvlt”


Jack Maniak “Code 403″ LP

Filled with hidden references to the decade Jack Maniak grew up into (“Stripe Is Back” – Gremlins, “No Fate” – Terminator 2 and so on) “Code 403” is the story of a human teenager with special abilities who is called to face an alien invasion. Will he emerge victorious?


I Think I Broke Something “Avantgarde”

Finland’s craziest live Electronic music duo is finally ready for its comeback with a new single, “Avantgarde”.


Waveshaper Live in Russia

Waveshaper will be playing 2 shows in Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)!


Into The Pale Abyss “Cybergenesis”

Canadian duo Into The Pale Abyss is back with the 3rd chapter of their dark futuristic tale, titled “Cybergenesis”.


M.A.D.E.S – Nightkiller (Official Video)

M.A.D.E.S’ official video for his new single “Nightkiller” permieres on New Retro Wave.


M.A.D.E.S “Nightkiller”

After spending most of the summer locked away in a studio somewhere in France, M.A.D.E.S is back and ready for action with the first single from his upcoming debut LP (out winter 2018). Check out the original as well as remixes by Daniel Deluxe and Wice and stay tuned for the “Nightkiller” official video!


Gor FLsh “Long Roads”

Canadian Electronic Metal mastermind Gor FLsh is finally making his big return with a new single and video.


Knightbots “The Hound Remixed” EP

Spanish trio Knightbots’ “The Hound” returns with a Remixes EP (incl. remixes by Volkor X, M.A.D.E.S, Perhopes and Alminia).


Sulex “Grind” EP

European Drum & Bass up and comer Sulex is back with his second EP on JST.


Assalm “Rivera Remixed” EP

Assalm’s debut LP “Rivera” (out late 2016) undergoes a complete metamorphosis with “Rivera Remixed” EP.


M.A.D.E.S “Awakening Remixed” EP

M.A.D.E.S’ ascension into the (dark) Synthwave scene continues and just before his debut LP, a team of some of the most pomising new talent is assembled to remix his late 2016 single ‘Awakening’.


“Internal Power” (Split EP) (Free DL)

Our Split EPs series continues with Electronic explorers NAUT and Z6B3R, who debut on JST with their collaboration “Internal Power”. With them, Argentina based Time Travel debuts on JST with “Robot City”.


FPXCJ “Xoplnts” LP

FPXCJ are debuting on JST with a forward thinking, yet eclectic 9 track Electronica album titled “XOPLNTS”.


Mr. Kristopher “Communion” EP

Mutli-genre Electronic music producer Mr. Kristopher debuts on JST with his newest EP, “Communion”.


Into The Pale Abyss “Forbidden Songs” EP (Free DL)

Canadian duo Into The Pale Abyss (aka IPA) returns on JST with their 2nd EP
“Forbidden Songs”, available in free download.


Assalm “Rivera” LP

French artist Assalm debuts on JST with his LP “Rivera”. A deep, dark and fresh mix
of Electronica, Techo, Trap and even Darkwave. Check it out!


Sulex “Silence” EP (Free DL)

Hailing from Slovakia, Sulex is a newcomer on the JST family and on the European
Drum & Bass scene. An award winning pianist (twice), his love for electronic music
didn’t take long to manifest and completely dominate Sulex’s creative impulses.
“Silence” is Sulex’s debut EP on JST and a perfect introduction to his music. Three
original tracks to whet your appetite for what’s to follow by Sulex in the coming months.


Into The Pale Abyss “You Can Never Win” EP (Free DL)

Welcoming Canadian duo Into The Pale Abyss (aka IPA) on JST with their debut EP “You Can Never Win”. A fine mix of Dark Electronica and Techno, IPA’s music is as groovy as it is hypnotic and powerful. Make sure to check out these 2 original tracks, grab “You Can Never Win” EP for free and stay tuned for more!

RoughMath “Another Dimension” EP (Free DL)

Following his “Death House” EP, RoughMath returns on JST with a new release, titled “Another Dimension”. Two powerful, yet melodic and uplifting Dubstep new originals with the UK based artist leaving behind the darker and more aggressive motifs heard in “Death House” EP for a more mellow approach, accompanied by the necessary outbursts of bass one should expect by RoughMath of course. And it’s all available for free too!


Big Brother 84 x Mind Disorder “Entropy” EP

I Think I Broke Something “Macabre” EP

M.A.D.E.S “Return” EP

Lock N Bounce “Own Path”

RoughMath “Death House” EP

Big Brother 84 “Pushing Through” EP (feat. Johnny Hobbes)

Autopunk & Mak Others “We Own The Night”

I Think I Broke Something “Face Lift Remixed” EP

CrazyMT “Castle Of Clay”

Laforcah “Dirty” EP

Beatbender “Elevate” LP

I Think I Broke Something “Face Lift” EP

Un4Get “Shut Up!” EP

GoingNuts “Time Is Now” EP

Beef Theatre “Like This” EP

Flybug “Party Animal”

Imagin8 “Midnight”

Beatbender “Elevate”

Flybug “Paralytic”

The Unique Yagark “Acid Dance” EP

M.A.D.E.S “Requiem” EP

Beef Theatre “Lazertag”

Dizkodeath “Raw” LP

I Think I Broke Something “Superman Sabotage Clan”

Beatbender “Anti Optimism”

Dizkodeath “Orchid”

Laforcah “Scars” EP

Un4Get “One Day” EP

Loud Disco Machine “Hot Jungle”

GoingNuts “Go” EP

King Peanuts “Emotions” EP

The Unique Yagark “Alina” EP

Heavygrinder “Black Is A Color”

Diskort “Jump Fuck” EP

Hijack Da Bass “Demon Club” EP

Laforcah “Distortion” EP

CrazyMT “Wind”

Dizkodeath “Vendetta”

Metalectro Vol.04 “Demons Roar”

Liberator “The Sound Of Liberation”

Dizkodeath “Wizard”

Le Catcheur, La Pute & Le Dealer “Smell My Fingers” EP

Drop Goblin “Whiskey Biscuit” EP

Gor FLsh “Undead” EP

Exhorth “Like This” EP

CrazyMT “Right Way” EP

Imagin8 “Pure Justice” EP

Zardonic “Restless Remixes” EP

Rubber Spanner “Drop Like Flies” EP

Dizkodeath “Revolver”

Knooper & Skanek “Warriors” EP

Tim Tonik “Gravedigger” EP

Laforcah “Not” EP

1ino1eum “The Remixes” EP

Gor FLsh “Sludgecity” [Music Video]

Lock N Bounce “Getting Wet” EP

Gor FLsh “Gor FLsh Remixed” EP

Cosmic Sand “Breaking Point” EP

Oxylice “Pyramid Symphony” EP

Tim Tonik “Still No Commercial Music” EP

Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound”

Lisseman “Dirty iPad” [Music Video]

Lisseman “Dirty iPad” EP

Rubber Spanner “Shit Happens” EP

JST “Messed Up And Mashed Up” [Free EP]

Rave Me “Long Drive”

Laforcah “Aileen”

Beatbender “We Are Animals” EP

VA “We Are Not PoP” Pt. 02 [Remixes]

VA “We Are Not PoP” Pt. 01 [Originals]

Determinators “A Byte Of The New Ultra” EP

VA “Monsters Attack” Vol.02

Hypomaniacs “Systematic” EP

Hijack Da Bass “Krypton” EP

Patient Zero “Dead Star” EP

Cosmic Sand “Sombra” EP

 Against Time & Kaos EP

Aaren Reale “Universe” EP

FetOo “Random Travel” EP

Gor FLsh LP

VA “Monsters Attack” Vol.01